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DATEM Systems International appoints Aeromap Technology Systems as DATEM Systems Middle East


1st JULY 2017 MANAMA, BAHRAIN– DAT/EM Systems International officially appoints Aeromap Technology Systems to represent DAT/EM Systems International in the Middle East regional market.

AeroMap Technology Systems and DAT/EM Systems International have been strategic partners for more than 12 years and have established a strong cooperation between enterprises to bring DAT/EM Systems offers in the Middle East market. Based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, AeroMap Technology Systems is strategically located to provide its clients full excellent assistance for more than a decade and with this year of experience on hand, customers are guaranteed with the best support offered.

DAT/EM Systems International is based in Anchorage, Alaska, USA and has been developing digital mapping and photogrammetric software and hardware since 1987.

DAT/EM Systems International developed Summit Evolution™ a digital photogrammetric workstation and LandScape™ point cloud viewing and editing toolkit. Summit Evolution provides a set of powerful tools for discovering and capturing 3D information from stereo data. Through the Capture™ interface for enabled Summit products, image features from a Summit Evolution project are digitized directly into AutoCAD®, MicroStation®, ArcGIS® or Global Mapper®. LandScape from DAT/EM Systems International allows you to view and edit 3-dimensional point clouds and provide an advanced and efficient portal into one’s terrain dataset.

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